1. Thanks Tumblr. I thought we had this great relationship going on where I would find and post the kind of pop culture ephemera that passes by every day. And then I had to go and discover all these goddamn style blogs. In particular the mens style blogs, what with their handsome suits, exquisite ensambles, classic looks, master tailors and easily photographed confidence

    Now I’m convinced I need to become a writer, not for the novel pursuit of offering a literary landmark, but for the sole purpose of having money to amass a gentlemanly wardrobe. Still have to figure out the exact, you know, writing, part of it (still a little fuzzy on books vs. scripts).

    So, thanks Tumblr. You sharply dressed jerk.

    [Photo credit: Street Etiquette

  2. First of all, let her be bored. Let her have long afternoons with absolutely nothing to do

    "How to be a writer" (Molly Backes)

    This is a great piece that has been making the rounds across the Interwebs thanks to writerly types. And with good reason, it’s fantastic. I never would have stopped to think (maybe some day) how much being a bored latch-key kid helped my imagination and helped me become a writer.

  3. If the defense for Mr. Strauss-Kahn maintains that the encounter was consensual, its version will have to accommodate the unambiguous computer record of her leaving the door propped open. It will also have to explain how and when she decided that sex with Mr. Strauss-Kahn was a better use of her time than changing the linens.

    This, while being an excellent explainer on hotel security and DSK’s legal strategy, also has some powerfully snarky elements. Read the whole thing for the last two graphs alone. 

    "Hotel Keycard of I.M.F. Chief May Tell a Tale"

    H/T Megan McCarthy

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